The Product: Hybrid Tile Finishing System

System Revolutionizes Hard Surface Flooring

HYBRID is a hard surface flooring that combines porcelain tile with resin to create a monolithic surface. This product gives you all of the benefits of a porcelain tile floor; the hardest wear surface in the industry, without the dirty grout lines!

The HYBRID can be compared to stainless steel. Wear may become visible in high trafficked areas over time but you are never at risk of integrity loss. The correct in-house cleaning will almost always bring it back to new condition. If the floor is substantially neglected while being used and abused then it is still an easy fix. We created and can easily recreate the floors finish on site.

 This unique flooring system is installed and finished through a patented process. For a free initial consultation, please contact David Young at (317) 418-9045 or email